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February 20
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“ Aminata!” Aria called.

Aminata muttered something, but no words could be made out.

“ What’s that, pet?” Scourge asked the unconscious Aminata.

“ Aminata?” Aria’s voice was quiet now.

Aminata’s eyes opened

“ Aminata?” Aria cautiously checked to make sure her friend was alright.

“ What?” Aminata responded.

“ You kinda spaced out.” Aria explained.

“ I’m still waiting for my answer.” Scourge reminded.

All Aminata’s stress came flooding back to her, “ I’m still thinking!”

Don’t do it Aminata!” Aria shouted.

An earsplitting clap sounded as Scourge slapped Aria, “ Shut up!”

“ Fine!” Aminata said, frustratedly, “ Just don’t hurt Aria.”

Scourge smiled, “ I knew you’d say yes. Now, to get rid of these two.”

Nack appeared next to Aria, unconscious and unaware of the events around him. Scourge pointed his gun at them.

“They’re the only thing keeping me from killing you.”

“ Not the only thing. I have Estelle.”

“ I’ve killed Estelle before.” Aminata explained.

“ Only once? You really do care!” Aria exclaimed, “ You’ve killed me twice.”

Scourge sighed, “ So this won’t have an effect. What about Nack? Do you care about him?”

Aminata growled, “ Don’t touch Nack.”

“ Be my queen.” Scourge demanded.

“ If I say yes, will you leave Nack alone?”

“ I’ll set all of them free.”

Aria sighed, “ She just cares about him. Estelle and I don’t really matter.”

Aminata ignored Aria, “ I want to see you do it before I agree.”

Guards!” Two guards came running at Scourge’s call, “ Escort these two out of here.”

The guards unchained the hostages and led them away. Aminata looked away from it all. What had she really done?

“ Aminata!” Aria called again. Aminata turned her head farther, not wanting to care.

“Scourge, let her go!” Aria was still fighting, so the guards pushed her along, but she wasn’t ready to give up, “ Aminata!”

The guards led Aria away as Scourge chuckled. Aminata suppressed a growl.

“Oh, they’ll live, don’t worry…” Scourge said.

“ You make it sound like you’ll make them wish they were dead.” Aminata responded.

“ Oh, well I didn’t say how they would live.”

Aminata unsheathed her claws.

“ Ah, ah, ah. One false move and I’ll kill Nack.”

Aminata put her claws away and growled.

“ Aria will be used as a treaty breaker for an enemy of mine… And Estelle, heh, she’s a special treat.” Scourge explained.

“ No words can describe how much I hate you right now.”

“ I know, but an ‘I do’ at the altar will suffice.”

Aminata glared at him.

“ Guards, take her to my room and keep her there.”

Aminata hissed as the guards took her away.

“ Heh. Now, now, be a nice kitten.”

Aminata thrashed.

“ I’ll kill them.” Scourge threatened.

Aminata stopped and let the guards take her away. Scourge smirked, everything was going his way.

Scourge beckoned another guard, “ Call Derek, tell him his prize is ready.”

The guard nodded and left quickly, not wanting to face his master’s wrath.

“ Now to claim Aminata.”
Part 2! This was such a weird roleplay, but it was fun too.

Aminata belongs to me
Aria belongs to :iconfanficsforever223:
Estelle belongs to :iconwarriorcatshe:
Scourge belongs to Sega.
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