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Springtrap by Dynamo-Panda

You're really loving this dark line and blotches technique(sorry I don't know what else to call it), aren't you? It definitely has an o...

Gideon Rises by CherryVioletS

I love this! the whole scary and foreboding feel you portrayed in the picture is amazing! I love the contrast of the lightning on the t...

Kissing Booth by SonicRocksMySocks

This is awesome! The only thing I can think of as a critique is it would be nice if you showed more of the booth. If you could show mor...



-Go to
- Put all the names from your friend's list in the box 
-Click 'randomize'
- Use the names as they appear to answer the stuff below OR click 'Randomize again' and use only the name that appears first each time.
- No cheating!
- if you run out of names before you answered all the stuff, just randomize and start again!

You're in a mental hospital. oh joy
Imma reuse people and myself because I only have the patience to find so many people. If I leave you out, I'll do it again and edit the journal

Your roommate: @LucianTheDemon (fweeeiiiiiinds)

Your Doctor: @warriorcatshe

Person licking the windows: @ScarredFlames ( I did this twice. You were licking windows both times. Congrats, I found your destiny)

Person stashing food in the corners: warriorcatshe (and here I thought doctors were the well behaved ones)

Person acting like an animal: @RachelTheZoneCop

Person helping you escape:  @Gigantia1 (Giga: We're finally out! Me: *trips him so that the police get him as a distraction* Thanks!)

Person yelling nonsense about clowns:  @Dynamo-Panda

Person who is running around with a frying pan: @Dynamo-Panda

Person who believes that he/she is able to control when the end of the world occurs:  @Gigantia1 (not under the police's watch you wont)

Person going crazy:  @NyxZERO-5000

Person who was under at least ten restraining orders: @odablood

Person who is strapped down to their bed: Me (saaaaaaaaaaave me! I didn't mean it Giga, I swear!)

Person who got thrown in the mental hospital for running over a hamster: @fanficsforever223

Person who speaks in Morse code:  @TimberWolf101

Person who is the most sane out of everybody: @LucianTheDemon (as your roommate, I can fix this for you)

Person who doesn't know why he/she is here in the first place: @PikaWarriors

Im not gonna make anyone do this
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Playing: WITH MY SANITY
  • Eating: your souls
  • Drinking: rainbows


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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Hi people! I hope you enjoy my artwork! I'm still a developing artist, and I'm completely open to suggestions. If there's anything else you want to say, I promise I don't bite just as long as you don't poke me with any sharp sticks. Unless you're made of chocolate. There is no escape for those of you made of chocolate.

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